My Program

This is a work in progress of course. Please contribute and make it better. Thanks.

Make tax forfeiture and foreclosed houses available—very low-income when possible. There are empty houses in our city; creative experts need to find a way.

Implement the reforms in the Communities United Against Police Brutality, starting with the modification of the discipline policy and the disciplinary reset mechanism. This, if con correctly and consistently will change the culture of the Minneapolis Police Department to support and protect the entire population of Minneapolis.

*Build more housing and explore community partnerships. Tiny homes at Kmart site, East Phillips Urban Farm and the Harbor Terminal redesigning should be explored.

*Make U.S. Bank stadium a true people’s stadium. It’s an indoor park, sitting empty. The mayor appoints two of five members of Minnesota Sports Facility Authority. The governor appoints three.

*Appoint a people’s lawyer for city attorney. By this I mean a person who would run the city attorney’s office in the interest of the citizens of Minneapolis.

*Publicly investigate all police shootings. Especially hold public hearings on the facts of and lessons learned from the killings of Terrance Franklin, Jamar Clark, Thurman Blevins, Travis Jordan and George Floyd.

*Hold a hearing on what the National Guard really accomplished when they were deployed here.

*Reduce fossil fuel usage by city vehicles and buildings, and renegotiate the Xcel contract, under real threat to municipalize utilities.

*Save MayDay. Revisit city expenditure on Holidazzle and The Loppet.

*Revisit zoning for neighbors owning rental housing. We need neighbors owning rental housing, those who know their tenants and value the neighborhood.

*Provide free public transportation within the city. Also, to and from employment outside the city.

*Provide free city Wi-Fi to all students who need it for remote learning. It’s no different from textbooks.

*Repurpose stadium tax to give property tax relief (explore challenge to stadium financing).

*Redesign 2040 plan to benefit all the citizens as we respond to climate change. The 2040 plan is full of lofty goals, and lacking in commitments. The lack of serious exploration by the city in the Phillips Urban Farm proposal, and instead using the site in a way that will degrade the environment of the city, is in direct contravention of the plan. The rezoning will be a boon to developers and will deny citizens any control over the future.

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