Save Mayday

A huge asset to the city.

Community celebrations are powerful things. The economy could benefit, The culture of the city can be improved depending on the festival. The The city has worked to promote the Aquatennial, Lopid, Hollidazel, and others. The annual MayDay festival (on hold because of COVID) was envisioned by a few of us over 40 years ago. The stellar work by Sandy Spieler and the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask theater has built it over the years. We now attract participants numbering 50 to 70 thousand to a modest sized inner city park.

Will it return after COVID? The Heart of the Beast theater has said it cannot support it in the manner they have, the cost is too great both in money and other , and Sandy Spieler has retired.

The city should stand ready to ensure this important community festival continues.

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