Wounded Knee Legal Defense Committee and the Oglala shootings.

Trained as an investigator and observer by my father, I aided the legal and fundraising work following the siege at Wounded Knee.

The federal government indicted hundreds after the Wounded Knee siege, and the state charged dozens of protesters who demonstrated at Custer and Sioux Falls.] No one served any time on the federal charges other than those who had preexisting parole revocations.

When FBI agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler and Indian activist Joe Stunz were killed on June 26, 1974, in Oglala, I moved to Oglala. Living there for six months, I investigated the shootings and the FBI investigation. I was sworn in as a tribal attorney and trained local people to become tribal attorneys. I was appointed by the federal court as an investigator for the defense and was part of the acquital of the first two defendants, Robert Roubideaux and Dino Butler. The FBI created false charges against me to prevent a similar appointment in the trial of Leonard Peltier, and the judge in that trial refused to allow me to participate.

I continue to work to free Leonard Peltier, who was convicted using perjured testimony, false lab reports and non-sworn lies by the FBI.

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